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TP 7 Miles Falcon                                                       2013-12-22

The year is coming to an end soon and it's time for your Christmas gift. This year it's a brand new TP 7 Miles Falcon that comes in two versions, FS9 and FSX. It's a very gental old lady that offers a calm and relaxed flight. So head over to the hangar and download this Beauty, for some nice flying this Christmas. And from all of us to all of you, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR

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New Airports                                                              2013-11-15

I have added a lot of Airports to the downloadlist. Twelve new files, both completly new Airports and new versions of old Airports. Some of the new ones are ESGF Morup, ESOK Karlstad both the old and new field, ESVS Siljansnäs. And as I wrote, some new FSX versions of some earlier FS9 versions. Now head over and download some new places to fly from.

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FINALY !!!                                                                   2013-11-13

The reason it has'nt been so much news the last year has been due to the fact that I failed to install the program FSDS on my new computer witch runs on a 64-bit operating system. And FSDS V2 did not like that, and since I have purchased upgrades during the years, I did not owne a clean install of the FSDS V3. So I had to install V2 first and then upgrade it to 3 and 3.51. Now I've finally got a clean version of the FSDS V3 that I could install yesterday and start building again. There's alot to be installed in order to get everything to work, but I'm at least on the right track.


F 5 Ljungbyhed                                                          2013-06-27

We have the great pleasure to be the only website in the world to introduce F5 Ljungbyhed for FSX and FS9. RBDesign have adopted this incredible scenery to try to finish it in the future. The man behind this amazing scenery is Kent Ahlberg, Professor of aerospace engineering center in Ljungbyhed. Even Bjorn Evans, that we have seen some paintings from before, has been a part off building it when he was a student at the school. Unfortunately, lots of material where lost in a computer crash, and after that, the project stood still. We'll see what I can fix in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy it as is right now. I have made a folder containing tree textures, but these are the wrong file format in order to work in FSX as the prettiest will be solely used in FS9. Simply move those files to the scenery folder if they are to be used. Now, lets look at some pictures and then you go on and download this Pearl.

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TP 79 Douglas C-47/DC-3 SWAF-pack                  2013-06-10

AT LAST!!! I can hear people shout all over the country. The DC-3 package of the Swedish air forces all machines has been announced several times on this website as an upcoming thing, and nothing happens. Entirely my fault. The men behind these amazing paintings are master painter Ronny Olofsson and panel maker Lars Fors. Amazing job. Myself, well I painted the Interior of the cabin and decorated the mashine with lights and effects, and I have over a hundred hours of fine-tuning alpha channels and details. I am not quite finished yet, but it feels ridiculous to keep the package from you anymore because of these little things. A fun effect I found and added is squealing/squeaking brakes. Also a really nice sound packages were added to add to the experience. 79002 had it's nose rebuilt on a few occasions to test radar systems and other things, I have added a version of the machine with radar nose. And as a bonus, Ronny painted the textures to POLLUX, the machine which then became 79001 and were shot down by the Russians. Hope you get great enjoyment out of this package and look out for any updates.

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Mora airfield FS9                                                        2013-03-01

The first upload of the year. Anders Samuelsson has awarded us with a new scenery. Mora airport - Siljan is a small airport in the middle of Sweden. Enjoy!

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